About Me

If you have made it here, this is my 100% authentic story and I'm about to be brutally honest!

I'm sarcastic (if you haven't already figured that one out). I'm awkward. I speak my mind, even when I probably shouldn't. My life is absolutely crazy and my kids drive me INSANE! I’m always picking up messes the following day. I even have some spaghetti stains on the ceiling I keep saying I will get to. We eat pizza and mac and cheese for dinner constantly, and sometimes we will even have cookies, crackers or anything I don’t have to put any work into. Technology is a lifesaver when you have kids. Need to get something done? "Here’s the iPad kid!"

I wouldn’t trade my crazy life for anything, though. I’m absolutely crazy about my husband and my kids are pretty awesome too, when they aren't being little shits!

If you’ve made it with me this far and haven’t repeatedly said, “Who is this crazy woman?!” or “She shouldn’t be a mother!” then we will probably get along really well!

But now, what you actually came here for

I’m not going to go on here and talk about how I just fell into the love of taking photographs one day, that’s just boring, to be honest!

I love raw and I love emotion, if you can’t tell from my portfolio. And if you haven’t looked at my portfolio yet, well, just go check it out! I’m not going to pose you for hours on end, I want to capture your individual uniqueness and chemistry as a couple. I want to capture the real you. The weird, sassy, teasing, fun, unique booty-grabbin’ love that you have! 


“Travel makes one modest. You see what a tiny place you occupy in the world.” -Gustav Flaubert


Christina L.

"After just 15 minutes of shooting with Amber, we came away with dozens of gorgeous photos. With ease and good humor, Amber captures her clients naturally and authentically. You'll love the pictures you receive and your time spent with her."


Shirley T.

"Amber did a fantastic job this weekend taking our family pictures and our daughter in laws family pictures. It was cold and windy but pictures turned out great. We’ll have others taken when it gets warmer."


Nick M.

"Amber is a very dedicated person and she is a perfectionist. She will make sure the pictures you receive will be of the upmost quality that you will love. Amber will make you feel completely comfortable and make sure you will have fun during your session!"